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Hi! Wondering if anybody has an idea for this:

I've set up a form for my company in which they can submit a contract request for a talent, and if that talent has an agent ; they can then submit the agency name, contact & info as well. The form entries are set up as a "single line text" because we're constantly working with new talent & agencies, so i don't want to limit managers to a "single select" option, if it means they can't input a new talent/agency.

Now what I would like to do is create a tab of all of the agencies we've worked with across the organization, and be able to easily pull together their talent roster. I've tried syncs and linking to fields, but if we work with the same agency more than once - it just creates an all new record, instead of adding their talent to the original record. Has anyone worked out a problem like this before?

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Hi @somebody!

Have you tried the Group By button yet to group by agency in a grid view? This could give you the view you're looking for if the agency was submitted under the exact same name in each form submission.



Hmm, you could try:
1. Creating a new table called "Agencies" or something
2. Link it to your form submissions table
3. In your form submissions table, click the field header of the field that contains the agency names (thus selecting the whole column), copying, and pasting it into the linked field to the "Agencies" table

The "Agencies" table should now have one record per agency (barring typos, of course)

And you could automate this action by creating an automation that triggers every time a form is submitted and pasting the value from the agency name single line text field into the linked field to the "Agencies" table