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4 - Data Explorer

Hi all,

Thanks in advance for helping!

I have one view; my base view; with all the ideas we want to pick up as a team; it shows the idea, description, who’s responsible etc… But these ideas have to be prioritized by each teammember and its average will decide its prioritization. To do this, I created view for each teammember:

  1. I want to automatically ‘pull’’ the idea records from the first view into each teammembers’ view. I keep failing with the link records and lookups. With link reocrds, there’s nothing to link it too.
    In excel I would just simply use: Sheet_name ! First_cell : Last_cell but how can I achieve this in Airtable?

I’m new to all this. I tried to go through previous questions from other community members but couldn’t find one that was also solved!

Kind regards,

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If I’m understanding your use case correctly, you already have a field called {Who's Responsible} that lists the name of who is supposed to tackle the record?

Then all you’d do is filter each person’s View to be {Who's Responsible} = Name of Person.

If by “view” you instead meant to say “table”, I am compelled to advise you that you are almost certainly better off using Views than trying to split a table into “one table per team member”.