Re-structuring bases - Splitting base into two bases, and syncinc tables

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Hi. I am using Pro plan, which allows syncing between bases.  I've been structuring a lot of parts of our business in one main base.  There is a significant amount of data which needs to be imported from CSVs, for which it is much easier to give direct access to the base to the users, rather than through interfaces, views, etc.  

There will also be some sensitive data in the main base, which I do not want to give even view-access to these users.  If you give access to a Base, they automatically get access to all the tables read-only as a minimum. Because of this, I realised it would be better to have a Main Base, and also a base for the Raw Data/CSVs.  I would give any users who need to import bulk data to the Raw Data/CSVs base, and then sync tables from RawData to the MainBase.

The issue is that I already have a lot of automations, fields, configuration, etc in Main Base. For example, I have a table called 'Bookings Data'. I would like to move this to Raw Data, and sync it to Main Base.  However, if I do it this way, it will remove all the links to the fields, as this would be a distinct new table.

Is it possible to do either of the below:


  • Sync data from Main Base to Raw Data, and then invert the sync, so that Raw Data becomes the 'main', source, and Main Base syncs from Raw Data. This way, I do not have to delete anything from Main Base
  • Can i sync a table into an existing one, as long as fields map one is to one? 

At this point I do not care much about data, more about the setup. For further information, I've recorded a short video explaining it in more detail.


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