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Base Synchronization

Hello everyone. I have a question here and would like to get your answer to it. If we have many bases in one particular workspace, and some are synced bases and some are source bases, let's say A is a source base and B is a synced base whose data is ...

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Resolved! Pie Chart

I want to make a pie chart that i already know the % for. Can I do that?

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Lookup Fields - How To Display Certain Columns?

Hello, attached is a screenshot.  I am interested in having "time sheets" as a view that is linkable to a project.  I have made this work using lookup fields, but this seems to only display the first 4 columns from "Time Sheets".  I tried creating a ...

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Resolved! Rich text formatting in primary field?

Hi guys!Is it possible to have URL in primary field? So that the URL is hidden behind some text (rich text formatting). Like you can do in other fields:So now I have this:One field is brand and the other is model (here I added URL). Primary field is ...

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SpelaU by 6 - Interface Innovator

Resolved! Lookup Fields - search non-primary field?

Hello, I am trying to use a lookup field from another sheet.  It seems that I can only search by the primary field, not by the field I have selected as the source.  For example:Sheet 1 - Primary field: Job #Job #: 1234Job Name: Sheet 2Lookup field in...

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Link between Bases

I have a table of all USPS zip codes and their respective cites and states. It has over 33,000 records. I would like to be able to use it in another base without having to copy it into the other base which causes it to go over its record limit.Is the...

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Resolved! SUM fields in a table based on week number in another table.

Beginner here, asking a question which has no doubt been asked a lot and probably has a simple, obvious answer! Apologies in advance...I have one table containing all of our customer bookings. In this table there is a formula field that takes the dat...

Screenshot 2024-04-14 at 11.27.05 AM.png Screenshot 2024-04-14 at 11.27.12 AM.png
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