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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

I need a Software tool which can be very great help to completely manage my real estate business. Our team consists of a Lead Generator (ME), sales people and administrative staff. Each team member will have different permission settings. I need a custom CRM. I need to track deal flow, deals in the pipeline. I need to manage leads, prospects, and customers. I need to track marketing campaigns. I desperately need a tool that can create contracts and send them out with the push of a button. I’m trying to automate as much as possible. I need data analytics.

There will a lot Tables and thousands of records for this.

Is this Possible in Airtable?

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Be aware if Airtable’s record limits:

  • 50,000 records per base for Pro Plans
  • 100,000 records per base for Enterprise Plans

If either of those limits sound like enough for you (and remember to consider how your base will scale over time), then also consider the following:

This is one of the weaknesses of vanilla-Airtable. Permissions can be set well for editing, but if you need to hide data from certain users then you need to separate that data into a seperate base (and sync it back to the “master”), or use a 3rd party portal like Stacker,,, or MiniExtensions.

That can be done with a table called Deals or Pipeline that uses a Single Select field to note the status of the deal (i.e. prospective, in-progress, completed). Use filtered Views to show only one status at a time.

Similarly, this could all be one table called “People” or “Contacts” that has a status field. Use a Kanban-type view to move a Contact from the “prospect” status to “customer” status.

There are several extensions to Airtable that can do this including DocuMint, FormStack, or On2Air.

The above services will let you press a button to generate the contract and add it to an Attachment field on the appropriate record. You could make a simple Automation that watches for changes to that Attachment field and sends an email out to the linked Customer when a new attachment is added.

Hi, Thank you for reply
Can you help me to identify app for Interface that allows for dashboard tracking of project KPIs, schedule, man hours,
budgeted -vs-actual, work orders, vendor performance/work load by project, etc…

Please help me I can’t find or how to do it in interface. I have little knowledge of airtable interface.