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Record Template - Include parent name

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Hi there, 

I've done a bunch of research here and on Youtube and I've not been able to replicate what I see here. 

I have Project and Tasks tables. 
I've created a template in the Projects table that adds a few tasks 

And it works - I get the tasks created, when I apply the template to a new project. 

However, I'd like to add the Project Name to the tasks that are created. 

I found an example of this in Airtable's docs

The Tasks in the far right column shows the Project name in parenthesis.


But I cannot replicate this - how do I make this happen?

Desired Result
Project = Project A
Tasks = Task 1 - Project A, Task 2 - Project A

Thanks so much for your help

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