Bases Showing as Reaching Record Limits

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4 - Data Explorer

I have several bases that I have removed nearly all the data and they still show as reaching plan limits or over limits. Even when I duplicated them and remove ALL THE DATA from the base it shows as over limits.

This is making my DB's unusable and I can not upgrade not knowing how or why an empty data base can be showing as hitting limits.

Or when I remove 90% of the data in a base that we have been using for two years that barely had 300 rows is constantly hitting limits and not being able to determine which limits we are hitting so we can manage the data and ensure we are being efficient. 

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it still counts as long as it available in revision history. Try to choose 'Clear revision history' in the base(s) where you deleted many records. It should lower the records number in 'usage'. 



The record count used to determine if a base is over limits is not updated in real time it can take several hours or longer for the over records warning to disappear after you delete enough records. 

You should also check to see if you have any filtered records in any of your tables. Records that are filtered out but still exist in your table are included in the record count. Also, the record limit is for records across all tables. You may have a seldomly used table that has a lot of hidden records. 

If you have a lot of attachments in your base, you might be encountering attachment limits versus record limits. In this case, deleted attachments can count towards the attachment limit, as they still are stored for the duration of snapshot history.

@Alexey_Gusev I don't believe the record revision history has any bearing on database size?

@kpKAZZ Also, be sure to empty the base trash. I believe that records in the trash count towards the limit.