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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I own and operate a cleaning business. I have created a base that lists all the locations and the scheduled dates and times. I also created fields that show the day of the week by both number 0-6 or the actual name Monday, Tues, etc. I recreated the Employee scheduling base within my base so I could easily relate bookings with cleaners. So the employee table shows what days of the week the cleaner is available. I created a field on the booking table to be able to select cleaners to assign to the job and I included a lookup field to be able to compare the available days to the service day. So far the availability is only by day not by specific time ranges but if I need to expand it for days and times I can look into that.

I can do basic automations and basic formulas so I am sure that this can be done but it is out of my skill level. Is there a way for me to be able to have the program give me a list of cleaners that are available that day of the week and not scheduled on another booking? This can be through an automation or formula idk but some way that the program can take the information I have provided and narrow it down to who is available and not scheduled during that time?

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