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4 - Data Explorer

Hello community! 
I am looking for assistance with the design of a table that involves records with a field linked to other records within the same table. I know how to include differed records in a field but I donk know how to see in the second ones that have been connected. 

Let's see an example: 

I have a table with a list of schools. I mark in a field of one of the records (school 1) that collaborates with 2 other schools (school 2, school 3) (I use a field linked to the base that permits multiple records). The question is: how can I see inside the records school 2 and school 3, that they have been linked to the record school 1? Is it a way to get this? Thank you very much 


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Hmm, I think you'll need a script for this I'm afraid

Community Manager
Community Manager

You should be able to use a lookup field for this.  So if you wanted to see the addresses of school2 and school 3 you would add the lookup on the linked record field.