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4 - Data Explorer

I’m attempting to use the Rollup feature for the first time, and it isn’t working as expected. I have a very simple design – A campaign table that will display rolled-up data from an Invoice table.

Campaign Table:

Here are the settings for one of my Rollup fields:

Invoice Table:

I want the rows of the Invoice table to aggregate based on Campaign ID/Record ID.

Unfortunately, you can see that it is only linking one of the invoice rows – not both of the qualifying Campaign IDs.

What am I doing wrong?

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Welcome to the Airtable community!

A rollup field will not link records for you. You must link the records yourself. The rollup bases its calculations on only existing linked records.

I did create the link


So why isn’t it linking all of the invoices for “abc” to this record?

Why is it only linking to one of the records?


What do I need to do differently?


When you create a linked record, you create a link to a specific record in the other table, not to all records with a similar value. Thus, you linked to one specific “abc” record, not to all records with “abc” in the {Campaign ID} field.

If you want to link to all records with “abc” in the {Campaign ID} field, you must link them all individually. You can create the links from either table.

This is one way that Airtable is very different from other relational databases.