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Select Certain Values Based off of Values from another Column

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I am building a basic expense tracker. I have Transaction Types, Categories, & then Sub-Categories

For example, I would like to input the sale of a commodity in Excel.

“Transaction Type: Income > (Next Column will only select Income Categories) Category: Seed Sales >(Next Columns will only select Seed Sales Sub-Categories) > 2019 Alfalfa”

Does AirTable have capability for this? I already created and tied together all my tags but the Lookup option is not the solution I was looking for.

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Thanks for posting here – unfortunately, Airtable doesn’t support conditionally displaying select or linked record field options. As a bit of a workaround, you could include the Category name in each Sub-Category record (i.e. rename “2019 Alfalfa” to “Seed Sales – 2019 Alfalfa”) – this might be best accomplished by configuring the primary field of the Sub-Category table as a formula field that references the Category linked r... . The advantage of this setup would be being able to filter records by entering a category name (i.e. “Seed Sales”) when selecting a record from the Sub-Category linked record field.

Does this make sense? Is this a bit helpful? Apologies that there isn’t a more elegant solution here.

Hi :slightly_smiling_face: Quick question: is there a solution now to do this?
I’m creating a survey where I want to ask two questions that are linked (Department and recruiter’s name) and I would like to show only recruiters that are linked to the department specified in the answer to the first question.

Is there a way to do that?

Thanks in advance! Kind regards,