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4 - Data Explorer

I am a distributor with multiple resellers that I have to report back to the manufacturer with a summary of all reseller’s sales.
I have identical tables for each reseller (things like invoice #, MSRP, discount, reseller level, etc,), they are all the same.
I need a summary table that incorporates all the same information for all resellers so that it is basically a master table summary of all invoices (the individual invoice items do not need to be displayed here as it is on the reseller’s specific table), and grouped by year or reseller.
I have tried a number of ideas and am not getting what I am looking for. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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If data with identical formats has to end up in the same table anyway, why do they start off as separate tables instead of a single table with multiple views?

Barring fairly specific requirements unique to you use case, 9/10 you are better off using a series of filtered Views as this is precisely what they’re for.

@Kamille_Parks, I understand what you are saying but the manufacturer wants a separate page per reseller so they can monitor their respective progress in sales.
If there is a way to incorporate all of them with filtered views that may do the trick.
I am not very versed in this (it has been decades since I did any relational work in FileMaker), so to say I am rusty is an understatement.
Any guidance and help would be most appreciated.