Disabling the key combo: Control + Del (Command + Del) key - this deletes whole record

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I wonder if anybody found a solution to disable the key combo:

Control + Del
Command + Del

Both key combos (I am on Mac) delete the whole record (whole row). That is sometimes a problem, I press accidentally the combination of keys rather than just Delete button. Often I find it very late and I don’t even know what record was deleted so it’s hard to go through backups.

Airtable Application Menus (toolbar menus) are sparse and there are barely any commands in the application menus. There is no command there to delete the record. If there was, I could use replace ot disable the key combination in the keyboard settings.

I looked into Keyboard Maestro, but that disables the key combination for any application, which is not what I want. The key combo is needed anywhere else, including the Finder app on Mac.

Before I go and try to mess with the Karabiner app for MacOS, which may be able to disable the key combination for Airtable only. However, I don’t have much experience with Karabiner so I wonder if anybody had this issue and found a solution.

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