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Setting up a complex base — or am I overcomplicating it?

Topic Labels: Base design
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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I have a base where there is load list table that depicts every load on a power system (e.g. motor #1 of 10 hp). I have an instrument list table that depicts every instrument on the site (e.g. flow meter). I want another table that has all the inputs/outputs (IO) for the control system (an I/O list).An example is analog input from a sensor or digital output to a motor.

How can I set up this IO list that it links to both the load list and the instrument list as needed? The IO list should have all the IO from the entire site, which means it will have IO for devices on the load list and have IO for devices on the instrument list.

I can set it up so there are linked fields in the IO list, one for load list and one for the instrument list, but then I have one blank on each row (as the IO is either from the load list or instrument list). 

Is this the best way?

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