Shared Personal-Use Database Between Two Users

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4 - Data Explorer


I would like to figure out how to share a database between two users for personal use. The paid plans that allow for Airtable Sync are a bit too expensive for me to be able to justify for just this use, so I would like to understand what my other options are.

To expand on the use case, I would like to set up a career search workspace. In this workspace, two users that are applying to the same companies (and sometimes the same jobs) would be able to track applications, interview, and job offers for various jobs across different companies. I am envisioning a base that contains a "Companies" table and a "Jobs" table. Each job, when entered via a form, would be marked as being applicable to one or both of the users. These jobs would then sync to the applicable user(s)'s unique Application-tracking database. In my mind, splitting Companies/Jobs into one base and Applications/Interviews/Offers into another base (vs. all in one base) would prevent the need to create several user-specific columns (e.g. Application Date (User 1), Application Status (User 1), etc.).

I'm far from a power user, so I would love to hear from the community. How would you approach this in Airtable? Am I missing something obvious?

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