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how to auto assign tasks according to a single select field

Hi Airtable Community,  is there a way to auto assign tasks according to a single select field. I have a single select with multible Teams (CRM, Website, Social Media etc.). I want a new record to be auto assigned to the team lead of the team from th...

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Timezone problem

Time zones are difficult to handle within AirTable. Here is an example that gives me a headache. I have a table (let's call this table Calendar) in which there is, among other things, a Date Field associated with an event occurring at a Location. Str...

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Show remaining values from linked table

I have a table listing persons linked to another table showing tasks. I'm trying to show the remaining tasks a person needs to do.Example: These two tables are linkedTable 1: a list of 100 peopleTable 2: a list of 34 tasks to be done by each personEa...

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G_T by 5 - Automation Enthusiast

Resolved! Lookup in Forms Based on Data other than Primary Field

Hello AirTable Community,Here's a fun one that I hope I can pick some brains on.  We have a Workday integration that creates an employee directory that feeds quite a few bases. With the Workday integration, we have to use a unique identifier - that b...

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How to select a two-level list

Hello. I have just started playing with Airtable, and I have run into an issue. In SQL this would take but a second, but I cannot seem to figure out how to add this filtering. If you can help, I would be quite appreciative... TIA.The situation:1. I h...

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See more than 2 dates per record in timeline view?

Is there anyway to set up timeline or gnatt views to see more than 2 dates?Currently I have the "duration" of the record, but there is a repeated "event" that happens through the duration of the record (recorded in another table with a link to the fi...

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Date Dependencies / Gantt for tasks spanning less than 1 day

I tried to search the community before posting and found this question (with no solution) several times, but the posts I found were pretty old so I just wanted to double check to make sure this was still impossible using Airtable alone.I'd like to us...

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