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6 - Interface Innovator

I’m combining the data from a number of tables in a new table. I’m grouping my view by project each project has some costs I wish to display. I also have staff members that work for a particular project they have costs I also wish to display(yellow). The problem is I see the project costs repeated for each staff member attached to the project(red) I would like to keep the summary. Is there a way to hide them or a different structure to overcome this issue?

odd issue

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Hello @Lee_Thomas!

Just to make sure I understand, I’d like to ask which field would you like to keep the summary of: Total Operational Costs or Total Costs?

Would hiding a field within this view accomplish what you are looking to do?

Hi @Rose_K ,

Thanks for replying!
I have the summary of Total operational costs and the Total costs which is great, including all the fields that add up to that. It’s more about what I want to hide which is everything in the red area, this is repeated. This is information comes from a table called projects. Per project there are operational costs. Which I need to display. I also need to display the staff linked(linked record) to the project. The issue is that for every staff member added to a project, the project is repeated. Sorry if that’s not super clear.

Looking at your screenshot-- it appears that all the fields you are looking to remove are Lookup fields. You should be able to hide those fields within your view without any of your existing formula fields being affected.

I think that should be the solution to your problem. However, please let me know if I’m not understanding your problem fully!

They are indeed. But if I remove those lookup fields I would loses the total above which I would like to keep. (currently set so avg so they display the correct amount)

Gotcha! The summary bar represents the total of the records contained in a field. In its current implementation there isn’t a way to keep the information in the summary bar without the records being present in that field.

You could potentially use the Summary app or another formula field to capture that information in another format though.