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4 - Data Explorer

Hi all,

I need to find a simple solution for working with 2 columns with Single select.

For example:

Column 1 - there are two options - car or house

Column 2 - there are four options - fast, slow, small, big

If I choose the car in column 1 - It should be only 2 choices in column 2 - slow, fast. Options small and big are not available in this case.

Thank you,


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Welcome to the community, @Monika_Steigerova!

Unfortunately, that is not possible in Airtable, even though it has probably been the #1 most requested feature in all of Airtable’s history.

Also unfortunately, Airtable rarely listens to customers’ voices, but you can try to talk to them about this feature request by sending them an email at

In the meantime, the only way that you could do this would be by paying for an external form tool that provides this feature. The two that I know for sure that do this are and On2Air: Forms.

There might be others that do this as well.