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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hello, I am looking for a way to display my airtable data in a graph. I know that I can use a block, however, I am looking to take the chart and post it on my website. I can use an iFrame, or something similar, I just want to be able to show the graph somewhere outside of Airtable. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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You could take a screenshot of your graph in an extension or an interface, and then upload the screenshot to your website from there.

However, if you’re looking for something more automated & more real-time than that, then you would need to turn to 3rd-party graphing & charting tools, such as or I’m sure there’s hundreds more out there as well.

And to completely automate the process, you would either need to write your own custom Javascript or turn to an API integration tool such as or

I personally try to use whenever I can, because it’s very low-code, and they natively support over 1,300 different websites.

Thank you Scott! I really appreciate all of your advice! I am looking for more of a realtime way to display data, so I may have to use or I am trying my best to find a solution that wouldn’t be an additional cost, but it does not look like there are too many out there. Thanks!

I also just learned about, which looks relatively easy to use.

I’m sure there are dozens of other websites as well.