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4 - Data Explorer


I am busy making an airtable for a logistics business. 

I think the user interface (with nested lists) and overall simplicity is really great and we can see ourself using this as our primary tool

However I am worried about the record limits. 

We estimate to have around 500-1000 orders per month when we are fully up and running. 

Each order contains several shipments (on average 1,5) and each shipment contains at least 2 shipment jobs (pickup and delivery). 

So we will have to plan to add around 6000-8000 records per month. 

After a couple of years we will reach our limits. 


My idea to handle this is to mirror the airtable base to an sql database or possibly firebase (but I am not a developer and have no experience with object databases. Have some basic knowledge about SQL though). 

So then we will have customer portals and an admin for looking long back in history directly linked to the SQL base and the internal app for operations within Airtable interfaces. 

Need a quite fast sync, max 15 minutes intervalls and must be double directional 

Then setup a script or something to automaticly delete records older than say 1 year in the order tables in Airtable. 

Would this be a good solution? Is there any of the shelf solutions for this that does not cost a fortune?

How to handle the case where i delete old records in airtable but still want to keep them in the SQL base? 


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