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4 - Data Explorer

i am strugling to figureout how to solve a need:


i have built a CRM, i have +1000 records

one table is the company list and one is the people list

then i need to manage different campaigns related to the list of my companies


as an example "fundrasising event 1" and "fundraising event 2"

for each of this campaigns i need several columns like (owner, status, notes, ...)


till now i have managed this need adding same columns on the main company table.. 

fundrasising event 1 - owner

fundrasising event 1 - status

fundrasising event 1 - notes

fundrasising event 1 - ...

fundrasising event 2 - owner

fundrasising event 2 - status

fundrasising event 2 - notes

fundrasising event 2 - ...


but like this is not really scalable

i was thinking to mange all campaign in a dedicated table


the problem is that it look like there is not a way to make a kind ok join-right having all the company names prelisted 

i should associate any company record to a specific record of the campaign tables..

but clearly is not possible to d this for thousands of records all time..

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My free Airtable training course shows you exactly how to do this. My course shows you how to manage multiple events using linked record fields and lookup fields. My course is free with the 30-day free trial of LinkedIn. I don’t post much in these forums, but my website ScottWorld will let you know how you can find me. 

Yeah you're on the right track about managing all the campaigns in a single table, so you'd end up with something like this:

Screenshot 2023-03-06 at 9.48.12 AM.png

Screenshot 2023-03-06 at 9.48.08 AM.png

Link to base

For your existing data, try the following:
1. Create an Autonumber field
2. Create a formula field with the formula `{COMPANY NAME FIELD} & " - Event 1 - " & {AUTONUMBER FIELD}`, which should give you something like "Company A - Event 1 - 1" etc
3. Create a linked field to the "Campaigns" table in your "Companies" table
4. Click the header column of the formula field from Step 2.  This should select the entire column.  Copy the values and paste it into the linked field from Step 3.  This should automatically create an "Campaigns" record linked to the company as needed
5. In your "Campaigns" table, create lookup fields to grab the "Owner", "Status" and "Notes" data for Fundraising
Event 1
6. Convert these lookup fields to whatever field type you need

Repeat this process for each set of fundraising event fields you have in the 'Companies' table