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4 - Data Explorer


Im following the many to many tutorial from Airtable

I’m stuck on the following step in the photo:

Screenshot 2020-07-30 at 22.00.04

I can create the first two tables (students and classes).

In the bottom pic, they have created a 3rd table.
It has got a list of the students and classes.
In particular, I cannot find a field with the Icon show for both students and classes is different in the bottom pic

I have tried to do this using the “Link to Another record” feature, but my version creates 2 columns each time (see pic below) I use link to another record. Additionally the icons are different to the one shown in the example.


Thanks very much

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Thanks very much Kuovonne. I will give this a try tonight

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You are on the right track.

  • When you create a new linked record field, Airtable now automatically suggests adding lookup fields. These lookup fields are optional and sometimes unnecessary. These lookup fields have an icon that looks like three horizontal lines (like rows in a table) with an magnifying glass.
  • The icon for a linked record has also changed slightly. It also looks like three horizontal lines (like rows in a table), but it has an arrow pointing to the middle row.
  • The link from the [Grades] table to the [Students] table looks correct.
  • The link from the [Grades] table back to the [Grades] table and the related lookup are unnecessary.
  • You should add a different linked record field that links to the [Classes] table.
  • You will probably want to add another field for the actual grade. This would not be a linked record field. It would be either single line text for a letter grade or a number field for a numeric grade.
  • The {Name} field in the [Grades] table should probably be changed. I recommend replacing it with a formula field that concatenates the student name and class.

Thanks very much Kuovonne. I will give this a try tonight