summarize fields from multiple tables in one summary-table, automatically update newly added fields

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I am new in Airtable and i need hepl with the following:

I have 3 original  tables ("Contact", "Structure" and "Management") in my base. I need a table showing all fields of each table as a summary. The base is still developing so I might add fields in the original tables (for example "Email Adress" in "Contact").

I created a new table called "complete database", linked it to the three original tables and added lookup fields for all the fields from the original tables. Now I realized that, if I add a new field in an original table it is not automatically added to the "complete database".

Is there another option? If i summarize the tables in a new synchronized base ... how do can I put them all into one table?

thank you for helping!


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Community Manager
Community Manager

New fields are not automatically added.  I'm not aware of any setting to do that.  Generally, you would not want to do this as your table would have formula fields and possibly other fields that aren't needed in your summary table.