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4 - Data Explorer

Im trying to build a marketplace of sorts that connects wholesale suppliers to store-fronts, and then in turn to retail customers. I'm just not sure how to do this with linked records.

I want to have one base that houses all the information about each supplier as an individual record.

I want to have one base that houses all of the information about each store front.

I want to have one base that houses all of the information about retail customers who sign up for this service.

I want to have one base that acts as a primary product database. This will link the manufacturer / supplier and the store-front through two linked fields for each individual product as its own record.

Lastly, I want to have a primary order database so when orders are put in they're created as new records in this base and link the store front, products bought there, and the customers who bought them.

That all seems easy enough.

Here's where I'm starting to run into some trouble and need some help:

When I build the front end, I want each store-front to have its own page with an about section, a product listing, pricing, the ability to add discounts, and an order page. They should be able to pull products from this primary product list base and add in their own pricing, descriptions of the products etc.

This would also link to the customer base as orders are created.

What I'm trying to figure out is should each store-front have its own base? I built out a test case that utilized some novel approaches to maintaining inventory and stock of not just the items that are sold to retail customers, but also managing back-of-house supplies that are bought in bulk and utilized to package the customer-facing products.

Further, if each store front has its own base, how would this work if I were to build a mobile app for this marketplace? Would I be able to effectively create a page that's just a front end for each store-front base? And I'm guessing when an order goes through it's still just being managed by Airtable to link each record together?

any help is much appreciated!

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