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4 - Data Explorer

Has anyone in the forum designed such a Airtable? I’m struggling a little bit.

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Hi @Sanchia_Magnussen,

Welcome to Airtable Community! :slightly_smiling_face:

Looks like a nice use case for Airtable. What exactly are you struggling with? If you have specific questions you can post them and we will try to help.


So here’s what I’ve got so far…a table for the Single Ladies, a table for the Single Men, a table for Scheduled Events. I was trying to use Forms to send out RSVPs, but want the data submitted from the RSVP form to populate the Scheduled Events fields. Equally, some of our single ladies and single men, have some issues with various people, so on the RSVP form I have a field that asks them to name anyone whom they would like to avoid, so I’d like that to populate the specific record in the Single Ladies or Single Men table.

I haven’t quite managed it yet.

I would suggest the following:

  1. Have 1 table for all the Singles, add a field for the gender.

  2. Create a new table called Events RSVP. This is the table where the form will populate. You can have a unique form link for every event that is prefilled with the event you are inviting them to.

  3. Since you would want the names to be linked to the singles table BUT at the same time you wouldnt want anyone filling the form seeing all the other names (I assume?), You could take advantage of this Script here. This can work for the Participant field and the trying to avoid field.

Let me know how it goes.