Two-way sync- problem with the 'Allow edits from other bases' option

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4 - Data Explorer

In my company, I have a main database that contains all the data. I want to create another database that only includes rows where a particular field is not empty. To achieve this, I thought of synchronizing the two databases and, for this purpose, I read the tutorial page At a certain point in the tutorial, I am asked to select the 'Allow edits from other bases' option. However, this option is not selectable. What could be the problem preventing me from selecting this option?

Thank you.

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Could you provide a screenshot of what you see for synced table settings?

Screenshot 2024-05-29 at 7.56.26 PM.png





I tried to click 'Allow edits from toher bases' but it's not selectionabale

Hm, the tooltip on the right seems to imply that the table you're syncing to / from is itself a synced table, and that's why you can't toggle editing on I'm afraid