Unsyncing Synced base (2 way sync beta solution)

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4 - Data Explorer


Long story short -  I'm in the Airtable 2-way sync beta -  I have many smaller bases which is synced to a main base, which is completely synced content.  This does not work with the 2 way sync (must be the other way around - one source of truth going to smaller bases) and furthermore the 2 way sync does not work on a synced base.  Someone at Airtable suggested I "duplicate" my synced base in order to "recreate" my smaller bases so that my 2 way sync will work. 

Does anyone know how to copy my synced base so that it becomes unsynced content?  That way I can get my 2 way sync to work 

TLDR : my synced base needs to be copied over as an "unsynced" base so that i can get the 2 way sync to work 

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