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Vertical View of same data

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Im positive this has been asked in the past because it seems like a standard thing in spreadsheets. but is there a way to view my data vertically? i have many columns with few rows and just wanted to flip the data somehow…

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Welcome to the community, @jonathan_brazeau! :grinning_face_with_big_eyes: I believe that the Pivot Table block is what you want. That mimics the pivot table behavior of most spreadsheets, though it does so inside the block. There’s no way to switch the primary display of your table.

You can do this with a Pivot Table Block if you have a Pro Accoint!

I can’t link directly because I’m on mobile but if you google or search the community it will show up

awww. well i don’t have a pro account. i would gladly pay like half of a pro account just for blocks…so many nice uses. but 20$ a month is a bit pricey for me.

i managed to kinda do what i wanted using a kanban board…albeit it’s not the purpose of the board
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