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the view bar that is supposed to be at the top of the airtable page, in particular such options as “hide fields”, “filter”, “group”, “sort”, “color” etc do not appear on my airtable app when using on my laptop. Same time, option to customise fields with the same above mentioned functions (filter, sort, hide field etc) as well do not show along with the dropdown arrow which is usually located next to the field title and is the way to see list of the above functions.

Is there any way how to restore those options/functions and get the view bar with all the fucntions?

thanks a lot in advance for help!

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Hello and welcome @Natasha!

Could you share a screenshot of what you are currently seeing within your Airtable app on your laptop? It sounds like I’ll be able to help best if I can see what you are seeing.

Hi Rose!

thank you very much for your response! I am attaching a pic (I’ve used an airtable printscreen from the internet) where I’ve circled in red everything that does not show on the airtable. Thus, I can not figure out how to apply filtering, sorting actions etc with all those functions having disappeared. I’d be very grateful if you help me to restore them! as with them the whole point of airtable’s functionality is missing. I think/hope I just must have blocked something or somehow else disenabled those functions. Thanks once again for reponding!


So please correct me if I’m wrong-- this is what the browser version on the Airtable site looks like on your laptop? So just to confirm when you are using the Airtable App you do not see any of these options? Could you use the printscreen functionality to take a picture of what your Airtable app looks like when it is missing the tools you are looking for?

Just for my reference-- do you mind if I ask if you are using a Mac, Windows, or Linux device? Just for background, on mobile devices Airtable Views display a little differently. Thank you again for sending in a screenshot-- we will get to the bottom of this!