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Specifying which field to roll-up

I have created a base to track various components of our commercial kitchen operation.I have bases for Menu Items, Prep Items and Ingredients.I have created various columns for the quantity of ingredients for each dish and need to roll them up into t...

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Simple Bills/Finance Tracker setup

Hello all, this may be one of those things where I am trying to think too complicated I have a base for my finances -I just need to list my recurring bills, my paydates, and have an output showing a running total of how much $$ needs to be in my acco...

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Time-phased view & analysis of multiple other tables?

Hello!Have a bit of a challenge and wondering if anyone else has been in a similar situation / need, and how they may have addressed it.Scenario(1) Simplified case: Say I have a Projects table that specifies a StartDate, EndDate, and EstimatedHours. ...

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Record Review layout convert new to legacy

I am so disappointed in the updated Record Review layout. My team was satisfied with the filtering and sorting available with the legacy element-based record review layout. I am trying to find a way to customize an efficient arrangement of fields, bu...

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Resolved! "Copy the Cell URL" but make it accessible to public

I want to link specific words (like "Click here") in one of my tables to a cell in another table in the same database. "Copying the Cell URL" does work... for those who have an Airtable account. I need "the public" to be able to follow that link from...

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SFJ by 4 - Data Explorer

Resolved! Formatting table for Likert ratings chart

I have a base set up to log participant feedback after people attend a program. Respondents fill out a form and give ratings to questions related to different dimensions (belongingness, context, etc.); I currently have responses linked to activities ...

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Solution for backing up data to SQL/JSON storage

HiI am busy making an airtable for a logistics business. I think the user interface (with nested lists) and overall simplicity is really great and we can see ourself using this as our primary toolHowever I am worried about the record limits. We estim...

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