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What should be the design of base ,when i send data from kodular the new data insert at top

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How i design a base when i send data from kodular ,the new data is inserted at top …i mean 1 number row…any one can help me

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Hi @satya_mahanta

I don’t know too much about kodular, in terms of having a new record start at the top, you could use the Sort option. You just need to choose any field to sort and that should work. If you don’t want the records on top, then just remove the sort option. It’s at the top, on the mobile device and the desktop version.

Hope this helps.

Mary Kay

If this works, could you type SOLVED in the subject line.

Thank you!

Hi @satya_mahanta and welcome to the Airtable community!

@M_k, Kodular is a mobile app-building platform much like Bubble.

One approach I would recommend is to post the Kodular object ID for any data captured at the mobile device and use that ID as the key ID in your Airtable table. Object IDs from Kodular will allow you to sustain an understanding between the two systems how these data records are related.

Another recommendation is to use Kodular’s ability to create sequential object IDs and use that as the primary sort mechanism in Airtable. As @M_k has suggested, a simple sort filter or a view specifically created to reverse the sort order will be important.


Thank you so much. it is help me a lot

thank you for your support

Good to hear and happy to help - make sure you mark this solved by @M_k.