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Hi everyone

I've been trying to use the "Create records from multiple select field choices" script from Airtable Marketplace by @Alex_Wolfe1 but unfortunately it doesn't work for my use case where the source fields are not the Multiple Select type but multiple linked text fields that are pulled from another table.

I've been advised by Support to change my source fields to multiple select but the thing is that this would not be practical as I have 75+ entries (and growing); besides the fact that I need them to be neatly stored in a separate table as text along with various other attributes for each.

Anyone please reckon if this is doable by a simple alteration of the existing script as I'm not familiar with scripting?

Thanks for any tips!

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I don't think it's a simple alteration I'm afraid.  If you're trying to create a single record per record found in the linked table via an automation, you could combine a "Find record" action with a repeating group?

I'm not sure whether that's what you're trying to do though, apologies!

Hi @TheTimeSavingCo thanks for taking the time to reply. I actually have a list of "confirmed events" table (from a sales perspective), and for each event, a list of "activities" (=multiple records linked from another table). My goal is to be able to have these "activities" listed individually in a new table where I can add for each activity the operational info needed for operational purposes (e.g: number of participants, start/end time...)

I tried the suggested solution above but it still returned multiple activities for each record and not individual records in separate rows



Could you provide some screenshots of your tables and the way you set up your automation?  I've set up what I think you're trying to do here and it seems to work fine:

Screen Recording 2023-05-09 at 12.42.08 PM.gif