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5 - Automation Enthusiast

I have a database that tracks inventory. There is a linked “Historical location” field that I would like to update every time the item moves to a new room ( i have a separate rooms table). I’ve read through forum posts and tried a few things. I gather that I need to map the existing linked field array and then add to it. Or somehow determine how many items are already linked and then add the new one. Any help is appreciated.

Inventory #1234 Historical Location: room1, room5
----Item moves to room15----
----update historical inventory with that new room ----
Inventory #1234: Historical location: room1, room5, room15

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You’ve had it spot-on from the beginning, really. I’m not sure which option of those is less finnicky, that would depend on the state of your code while you’re doing the updating bit.

But have you managed by now? If you open the script app examples while inside your base, and search for the multiple linked record spec, the documentation might actually provide you with copy-pastable code that solves your issue from the get-go, assuming that’s the only linked-record field you have in that table.