Airtable.NET & Unity Android Build Not Paginating

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4 - Data Explorer

Hi there,

I’m having some trouble getting all of my records via a C# API (Airtable . net). I’ve posted this in their forum and gotten in touch with Airtable Support - but got advised to message here.

I’m using Unity to build a mobile app that uses Airtable integration - and I’m building to Android.

I wanted to find out if there’s perhaps something I’m doing wrong (or if there may be a limitation of my android build)?

On my PC, I run my script to List the Records (173 in total), and it does so without issue.

I can’t seem to upload a screen shot here - but on my device, despite logging out the right offset it doesn’t ever get the remaining records.On my PC, it works 100%… just not on android.

I’ve tried splitting out the method, to call itself again with the offset parameter (instead of using a doWhile loop) - and I get the same results. And then I just recently tried running the method, getting the first 100 records, then waiting 2 seconds and attempting the remaining records (also waited 35 seconds to see if it was maybe a response timeout thing).

Again - windows got them all, without issue and android, no luck after getting the first 100 records.
Any ideas for why this may be?

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6 - Interface Innovator
  1. Does Airtable.NET work on Unity + Android? I could imagine it failing in that environment.
  2. Are you setting any other options when listing records (on the first request)? It could be that you’re not able to set any options, including the pagination parameter.
  3. Are you able to do this without Airtable.NET and instead use a “vanilla” HTTP library?
4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Thanks so much for the suggestions!

FINALLY got it working.
For the solution:
I got rid of the Nuget Package of Airtable. net, and downloaded the source code into my project.
That way I could see how it was handling the ‘offset’.

It turns out that with the offset, you have a two part string ‘firstbit/secondbit’.
And on Android, it wasn’t getting that whole forward-slash separator-but happening.

So, just manually did a string.replace("/", “%2f”), and appended the offset so the call matched and voila! Works like a charm.

Now I can finally continue my dev, after a week of bleakness.


It might be worth opening an issue on Airtable.NET to see if they’re aware of this bug and how you fixed it. Glad you’re unstuck!

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

It maybe delayed but this UnityPackage integrate with airtable and handle the pagination part.

Also, it can be used on android, ios, desktop