API fetches limited with an unlimited pro account

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast
Recently our app has not been able to consistently load information from our airtable databases.
This never used to be the case and nothing has changed in the configuration.
I am wondering if this is linked to the API changes - I read somewhere that if an airtable client now goes over their API limit (which we do if we are treated as a Team client and not a Pro client) then the 5 API calls per second is impacted.
Is this what might be happening? (See screenshot - "request limit exceeded")
I understood from what  you said that we would be getting unlimited APIs on our current plan (Pro) until it runs out in April 2024 (because we have paid for an annual subscription), but I am wondering whether this is not the case and our ability is to make API calls is already being impacted.
It would be really useful to know the answer to this as   is currently not useable as it is not loading consistently.
Could you ask one of your team to let me know what they think might be happening?


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It looks like you copy/pasted this post from somewhere else?

Here's my thoughts as someone who has used Airtable for several years.

- The five calls per second API limit is not new. This has always been an official rate limit, although it may not have been consistently enforced before. If you have a lot of simultaneous users, this might be the issue you are encountering.

- Enforcement of the new API monthly call limits was going to be phased in because teams/pro/free workspaces do not currently have a way to monitor how many API calls they have consumed.

- The new API monthly call limit will apply to Teams plans as soon as Airtable chooses to enforce it. Paying for a year at a time does not impact when the limit is applied. Different timing for limits only applies to Enterprise accounts that have a contract through sales.

5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hi Kuovonne 

I did, I pasted it from the message that I sent to the help desk - I have not heard back from them yet.

I think we're fine if the 5 calls per second limit is running - our app has been active for 6 months now and has never had this issue before. We don't have any more simultaneous users than we had before.

I was told by a salesperson that we were using over 1M API calls and that, once we were autaonmatically transitioned from Pro to team that would be limited to 100,000.

So my thought is that they may have already applied the limitations and that we'll need to upgrade to the business version ASAP for this to work again

My one concern is that this may not be what is creating the problem. But if it isn't - what else could it be?

Thanks for chiming in and helping.