Re: API: Programmatically changing row order in grid views?

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

In the Airtable UI, you can manually rearrange the order of rows in grid views by dragging them up and down. This row order is view-specific. Is it possible to reorder the rows in a grid view like this via the API?

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6 - Interface Innovator

@Roland_Crosby Welcome to the community forum!

The Airtable API does not allow you to modify the base/table/view schema. Could you elaborate on why programmatically managing the row order in a grid view is important to your use-case?

Hi Giovanni, thanks for getting back to me. We use sorted records in Airtable grid views to maintain stack-ranked lists of items by priority. Unfortunately, there’s no way to persist or extract these orderings outside of a single grid view. My initial goal was to use the API to copy the ordering of one manually-sorted grid view to other grid views.

I guess if records are always returned from the API in the order in which they appear in the UI, I could add a numeric field, iterate over the manually-ordered records in the API result for the grid view I want, and put the order in that numeric field…but that feels awfully hacky.