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Re: Automated CSV export via API?

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  1. There’s no API call for exporting a table as CSV right? (couldn’t find it in API documentation)

  2. Has anyone written a script that mimic that functionality by iterating through all the records, replacing linked record IDs with names, and then, generating said CSV? If not, I’ll work on writing one…

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I’d also like the script!

I built a desktop app that lets you export your Airtable data to CSV files. It also converts Linked records to corresponding Primary field values.

Its at . Hope it helps somebody !!

Following up on my original post 3 years later… A friend mine made a webapp to do automatic regular cab backups. They’re having some login issues with the community account, so posting on their behalf:

Created after trying and failing to find a means of regularly backing up my bases on airtable. BackupTable doesn’t try to do anything more or less than what the name implies - it backs up everything you have on airtable (plus attachments) and can do so either manually or automatically. Dropbox sync coming soon.

Hope people find it useful and would love to hear feedback :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Tuur–

I’m looking for the same thing.

Thanks for sharing!

@Tuur I’m very interested in this. Would you mind sharing with me too please?

We made a tool exactly for this!

Hello, I was facing similar problem lately, and decided to create a python package just for this.

You could programmatically download csv from any shared view. While you can download csv without API key, sadly you have to create a shared view link for this to work

Hi @Tuur @Steven_Zhang, can you share the script via PM please?

@Tuur could you share the script with me as well via PM?

I’m getting an HTTP 404 on the link; site loads fine.

Do you still have something written for this? Hoping to pull the CSVs from a python script.

Would like automate download CSV using automation tool. I need API call for this. Can anyone help me to get API to download CSV in Airtable? is this feature available in Airtable?

@basavarajeshwari.lax and others - Here is a simple api for csv export. Details can be found here

It will only work with the parameters so any issues check the documentation for assistance or reach out :slightly_smiling_face:<your_base_id>&apik=<your_api_key>&tname=<your_table_name>

Feedback welcome!!

I’ve created a more secure version that utilises a post request found in this discussion

Ok, now I have a more secure, no-code version which is much more easy to use by visiting here