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6 - Interface Innovator

Hi everyone !

I have an issue with Airtable sending email via zapier …
In my case, I receive a question from a form, with users informations, and I would like to respond to it in writing the answer directly in Airtable rich text formating cells.
I send the response by HTML email with Mailjet, but the issue is that the rich text format is not recognize…

I tried in transforming the cell in code, but still doesn’t work …
The only solution I found, is to directly put the code I want in the cell response, but it’s quite tricky …
I also heard about the sendgrid block, but I don’t if it can automate response (when a new record in a view -> send the response email), and it’s not optimal, having many emailing solutions …

I take any ideas, thankssss !!!

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Hi @Mathieu_Quiniou,

The way I create seamless and well-formatted HTML email responses is by using Google Apps Script and the Airtable API. This allows you to create a chron process always watching tor items that need responses and it can take rich-text fields and blend them into the emails as HTML.