automation. Update information in a row of one table should update in another

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4 - Data Explorer

Hello. I have problems with automation, I ask you for help.

I have table 1 and table 2. When I create some record in table 2, automation is triggered and all data is created in table 1.

But when I want to make some changes in table 1, then these changes are not reflected in table 2.
Tell me how can this be done?

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Hi @Y_Sergan - when you create the record is table 1 - based on your description - it is not a linked record. You have one record in table 2 and another record (a different record) in table 1 with the same data. To do what you want you would need another automation on table 1 to update the record in table 2 with any edited values. It is more complicated that this description though as table 1 records need to know which record in table 2 they originated from so that the automation knows which record to update. You would also need to think about updates/edits in table 2 - can this happen and if so how do these get reflected back to table 1. Its complicated.

You haven’t described your base set up and the data in each table, but there’s a good possibility that you shouldn’t have 2 tables here, but 1 table. Generally speaking it is good design practice to have entites of the same kind in the same table.