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Hi - We would like to send a formatted email once a script is executed. How do we set-up the automation to have text output, with formatting, into an email that is sent?

Here is the flow:

Time trigger
Run Script
Send Email

I know we can use the script to update a record and have another trigger to email, but it doesn’t format and seems there is a more direct way.

Any help is appreciated.

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If you are trying to use output from the script in a later automation action, you use output.set().

It is described in the documentation.

However, the ability to format the text is the same as if you saved the text to a record. Is there a particular type of formatting that you are trying to achieve?

At present, I have created a task management system and am trying to create a better notification system.

I would like to be able to format sections of the notifications and in addition have similar formatting to how Airtable provides notifications natively:


This is what it looks like without formatting: