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Button in Form or Run Script on Submit then send to dashboard?

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HI there - I am wanting to

  1. Have a script button in my form and/or
  2. Run a script once submitting and send a user to a dashboard with their results.

Any suggestions on how to do this?

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It is not possible to include a script button in a native Airtable form.

If you have a pro workspace, you can run a script once a user submits a form by using a scripting automation. However, a script cannot send a user to a dashboard. An automation can email a user with a url.

If you have a pro workspace, a native Airtable form can redirect to a specific url after a user submits a form. However, the redirect url must be hard coded and the ability to use information that the user submitted in the form in the url is extremely limited.

Thanks! Is there a tutorial on how to run the script when the user submits the form and also to send an email?

You would use the Automations feature with the “New Record” trigger:

Thanks, Scott. I have the pro-plan but It’s also telling me that I do not have the billing for this, so I am curious if there is a work around?

Are you on the Pro Trial plan?

If so, you’ll need to upgrade to the actual Pro plan.