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4 - Data Explorer

I want to create a very simple script.
What I want it to do is to call a URL (the URL being called activates a sync between Airtable > Shopify.

What is the code to call a URL?

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Welcome to the community, @Marcus_Sinclair! :grinning_face_with_big_eyes: Could you elaborate a bit more on your desired goal? Are you looking to call Airtable from an outside source like Shopify and trigger some process to run, or are you looking to call a Shopify URL from within Airtable? The more detail that you can provide, the easier it’ll be for us to assist.

Sounds like you need to get started on fetch requests.

This thread offers exhaustive examples:

And opening Airtable’s own docs in the base you’re working with will load up examples using your own base/table/field names.

But other than that and as Justin already pointed out, you really haven’t said much about what that “sync” entails. What kind of data are you trying to pull from Shopify, assuming that’s what you meant?