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Progressing with Javascript and airtable, was distracted with the thought - can I gear a scripting app button to open a link?

I know I that the button fields can open links within a base (but annoyingly their labels can’t be configured on a per record basis).

The below simply posts the selected link in the output, but is there a method that allows to open directly into a new tab upon clicking the button?

let button_test = await input.buttonsAsync( 
    "abc this is a test",
          {label: 'Google', value: ''},
          {label: 'Bing', value: '', variant: 'primary'},
          {label: 'Yahoo', value: '', variant: 'secondary'},
          {label: 'DuckDuckGo', value: '', variant: 'danger'}
output.markdown(`### Link: ${button_test} `)

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Sorry, but no. Output in Scripting app is very limited.

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You can output a markdown link. But you can’t do any styling.


Ahh cool, but I’m just checking - that there’s no way to format a html click-through in the shape of a button?

Sorry, but no. Output in Scripting app is very limited.