Create a form for multiple tables - working with junction tables and dynamic inputs in forms

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

I have a base that has a number of junction tables. For example a product links to a product assembly item that links to a product assembly with multible product assembly items which links to an estimate.

Its very cumbersom to have to go through each of these tables and use the forms to add data to each indivdual table. I wanted to create a single form that lets a  user select products and then creates all the related junction tables.

I was wondering if anyone had any work arounds for being able to add data to multible tables from a form.  Right now forms do not allow for record creation or buttons with scripts, making it hard to create a new junction table entry that relates to the record being created.

The only work around I can see is to create a seperate dummy " input table" that has a number of records related to each ipnut action I would like. Instead of creating a record users would just be editing the record through an interface. There would then be a script button that would go through and create all the records and related junction table records. 

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Check out this thread by @Sistema_Aotearo which might be helpful

You could also try, which integrates directly with Airtable and lets you create linked records via the form although I'm not sure how many levels it can go down