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Creating a duration field throws an error despite field options being correct

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MacOS Mojave 10.14.5 (18F132)
airtable/blocks: 1.0.0

table.checkPermissionsForCreateField('someFieldName', FieldType.DURATION, {durationFormat: ''})

Throws this error:
“Can’t create field: invalid field config. Failed schema validation: .0.type does not match one of the possible values, .0.options.precision is missing, durationFormat is not included in th…”

Same for table.createFieldAsync.

Despite these being the correct options according to Airtable Blocks SDK

Creating other field types works just fine. @somehats could this be a bug?

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Thanks for reporting this Andy! Looks like a typo in our documentation: the format should be h:mm:ss.SSS, not Apologies for the confusion, we’ll get the docs updated.

That works, thanks a lot!