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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

How can I test changes to a base, and then deploy them to a live environment?

I’m building a fairly complex base for a client. Once the project is live, there’ll doubtless be a need for further enhancements, bug fixes, etc. I need to be able to test those changes safely, and then once proven, deploy them to the live base.

I can’t see any way Airtable handles this right now - the only option I can see is to manually note all the things that I’ve changed in the test base, and then repeat those changes on the production system, while it’s live.

Any suggestions?? Am I crazy trying to use Airtable for a production system?

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Been there, done that :nerd_face: . As far as I know, Airtable doesn’t have this kind of functionality (maybe in the Enterprise plan? No idea.).

Would be great if anyone had a solution for this.

OK, so it’s not just me! Anyone here from Airtable? Any plans to find a solution to this? It either needs a function to “analyse and selectively copy changes to automations / apps / structure” from one base to another, or (ideally) a Terraform provider or similar to be able to build infrastructure as code.

(Of course, anyone could build the Terraform provider … if Airtable were to offer a suitable provisioning API.)

Without something like this, I fear Airtable is going to be limited to only the smallest, non-business critical use cases.

Be sure to email for this and let us know the answer :winking_face: The Airtable team do’t have the reflex yet to visit this community too much…