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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hello all,
We are currently testing the usage of a wiki app to produce nice and up to date functionnal specification in our project. This wiki would be even more relevent if it can consume data coming from our Airtable databases. We test confluance as wiki solution. We currently use an airtable database for our project glossary.
I am trying to display within a confluence page an airtable record corresponding to a glossary definition. The record ID corresponds to a word and I would like to display only a field of this record which is the glossary definition of the related word. I don’t want to use a view to do so.
Could someone help on this use case ?
Best regards
Arthur Viret

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Hello, we have found a solution using the plug-in “EXTERNAL DATA”. It works for our POC.
I am still interesting knowing use cases of projects which have interfaced Airtable Data Base and Confluence. Do not hesitate to share.
Best regards