Do we have access to the actual field type via API?

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4 - Data Explorer

Hi! I’m trying to generate a csv file of a table similar to a file generated by web UI. Using Airtable API I get data only in JSON format, which supports only numbers and strings. Thus I have to guess the type by value shape. For example: Does a string contain a template DDDD-DD-DD? ​Is it a link to another table? Etc
And it is a mess.
So my question is - do we have a way to get the type of the field, the same as what we are able to see when reading API documentation (Currency, Lookup, URL, Link to another record, etc)?

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The public rest api currently does not have field type information. If you received access to the meta api that was in beta earlier, it provides field types.

Trying to create a csv file with linked record information from the rest API will also be difficult, as the value of a linked record field does not contain the same text that appears in the user interface.