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Dear All,

A new user to Airtable here. Can we use the scripting blocks to download the attachments in a record in a particular view ? If so, could someone help with me a script please !!
Using this for some automation in #CovidRelief

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A script in the Scripting Block could retrieve the Attachment URL without much difficulty, but it would not be able to initiate a download. That’s because scripts execute in a constrained environment.

There’s a better chance that a custom Airtable Block could do this. You’ll need a “Pro” plan for that, though. Also, the solution will only work as long as you are using Airtable.

You might have better luck starting with Airtable’s “Download CSV” feature. This will give you a plain text file that includes all the attachment URLs. CSV is a widely-recognized format, so you could ask a much larger audience of developers for help downloading files from that. Also, you could reuse that solution with any data provider that offers CSV export.