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8 - Airtable Astronomer
8 - Airtable Astronomer

Are there any ways to share a script to the public?

Or a way to use coding to update Airtable forms?

The airtable forms aren’t advanced enough to use for our application.

Thanks in advance!

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Do you mean sharing the code so that others can copy the code and use it in their own bases?

  • Share the base to the Airtable Universe. Make sure you turn on the option to share code in the script editor. You may need to wait until Airtable approves your base for the Universe, which might take a long time.

  • Self publish your base by posting a public share of your base. Again, turn on the option to include code in the share.

  • Post the code to a public GitHub repository or gist.

On the other hand, if you want the public to run you code in your base, you have different options:

  • Have the code trigger an automation off the submission of a public form. Have the automation run your script.

  • Have a third party portal system where non-collaborators can edit data in a way that will trigger a condition that will run an automation script.

Airtable forms are pretty basic. If you need more functionality, you need a 3rd party form service.

Hi @kuovonne - We still want something more complex than any of these options. It is more than only one trigger to run a script, etc.

The ideal solution would be a script running an airtable form or other form to select prompts and multiple selects to choose from.


Hi @kuovonne -

This tutorial creates an application with AIrtable as the backend. I want to do this with a very simple white page where I can create a custom form and that I am able to filter what is shown to the user based on their previous responses.

Sounds like a great project. It sounds very similar to my very first coding project involving Airtable, a simple portal where users could enter some information and retrieve data based on what they had entered. This was before Scripting was released, and writing code for Airtable meant using the REST API.

That project was a much larger undertaking than I originally anticipated, but was very personally satisfying and I learned a log when working on it. Part of the enormous effort was the fact that my budget barely covered getting a server where I could securely store my API key, which left me with no budget for any other tools or training. Fortunately, my family was able to grant me the time for me to teach myself to hand code the server code and all the html/css/js for the webpages.

Hi @kuovonne - Congrats.

Do you have an example of how you’d do this now? I have coded in all these programs but not with airtable as the backend, and a while since I used javascript in a site.

Would love an example, or the basics such as how to make a site that pulls up a list from an Airtable Table.

Otherwise, do you have a blog?

Thanks in advance!

No, I do not have an example to share publicly.

In your other thread, I linked to another topic where people have posted code samples and a link to a very useful blog with even more code samples. I suggest you start there.

The REST API documentation is excellent, but only covers the aspects that relate to integrating with the REST API. You will need to find your own resources for storing your API key securely, building out your own interface, storing state information, etc. I recommend that you consider how to store the API key securely early on in your development process. Don’t build a client-side only solution.